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Why Standards are for Everyone

Standards are imperative for anyone who cares about achieving accurate research, whether for their own family or someone else’s family.

Assembling Research Results

Nineteen standards in Genealogy Standards address the treatment of assembled research results in case studies and kinship determination projects.

Certification Seminar

With Angela Packer McGhie, CG, FUGA, and Patti Lee Hobbs, CG. In this interactive forum, current associates share various pathways to certification and how to begin.

Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research

Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research

LaBrenda will teach sessions in two courses: • Course Three — Advanced Methodology and Evidence Analysis • Course Eleven — Researching African American Ancestors: Courthouse Records

Researching African American Ancestors Who Came Out of Slavery (Online)

Fountaindale Public Library 300 W. Briarcliff Road, Bolingbrook, IL

Genealogist LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson will introduce attendees to a variety of Federal and state sources to help you identify formerly enslaved ancestors. In addition to referencing other commonly used pre-1870 and antebellum records, the lecture will highlight the important legal and historical context and interpretive guidance of particular relevance to African-Americans.

An NGSQ Case Study: DNA Corroborates Oral Tradition

Florida Genealogical Society – Tampa PO Box 18624, Tampa, FL

This lecture is based on a case study that was the lead article in the June 2020 edition of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly. The speaker will provide information needed to make sound decisions on when DNA tests can or should be used in genealogical research, and how to meet the DNA-specific genealogy standards for accuracy and completeness. The lecture will include an overview of available direct-to-consumer tests, a discussion of the elements of a targeted testing plan, and information about analyzing DNA test results.

African American Genealogy Methods and Strategies

Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy

This course is designed to be a skillbuilding experience that will take researchers to the next level by focusing on both methodologies and strategies for meeting the Genealogical Proof Standard when researching families that survived slavery. In-class exercises and a focus on case studies will arm students with the conceptual tools needed to overcome the challenges of researching during the antebellum period.

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