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New York Slavery Records Index Is Coming Online

Be on the lookout for press releases later this month about a new resource for researching enslaved African Americans. I am particularly excited about this project because it is under construction by a team of professors and graduate students at my alma mater, the...Read More

Some Thoughts on the BCG Process

Some thoughts on the process that resulted in my successful application for BCG’s Certified Genealogist® credential My Genealogical Education On 23 March 2015, I submitted a portfolio to the Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG), all of the components of...Read More

Dublin Hunter was a Landowner

We have documented quite a bit about the Free Man of Color named Dublin Hunter (1785-1850?), from whom Garretts, Mills, and Hunters claim descent. This document supplies another piece of the puzzle: James Hunter — a man with the same man as the former slave owner in...Read More

Elder Interview: Raleigh W. McCoy

Interview by Linda McCoy Kumi During the month of April 2012, I spent the month with my Dad at his home in Sumter South Carolina. I had the privilege of him sharing some of his life history with me. Here is what I learned. When were you born? I was born October 1,...Read More

The Many Faces of Slavery: A Book Review

The Many Faces of Slavery. By Alexia Jones Helsley and Patrick McCawley. Published by the South Carolina Department of Archives and History, Columbia, SC; 1999. ISBN 1-88067-52-8, 168 pp. Illustrations, index, photographs. Softcover. Available at varied prices from...Read More

Alice Garrett’s Spicy Rice

Alice Garrett's Spicy Rice 1 1/3 cup Rice1 stick Butter or margarine1 Large onion ((sliced thin))1 can Beef Consommé soup1 can French Onion soup1 BAG Medium-size (41-60) Shrimp (Chicken, Pork, or Beef can be cut up and substituted for Shrimp…or no meat at all)...Read More

Elder Interview: Dr. Lila Garrett Lloyd

What is your oldest childhood memory? I guess walking to high school in Greenville. Walking to Sterling, walking around the corner to my high school. You know previously I’d been riding cause I was in another area. I guess walking to school up to Sterling. I...Read More

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