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What is your earliest childhood memory?
I used to pick berries and pull cotton (smiles)

We worked on a farm and picked cotton and cleaned things. When things needed to get done the children did it. Ain’t no one person did it, we all did it.

Who were your heroes growing up?
I looked up to my parents growing up; I also looked up to my uncle Fredrick, he was a teacher.

What was your favorite music back then?
At that time people started buying children small radios and everybody started getting them. We had one for the whole family. We listened to all kinds of music.

How were the holidays?
We went to visit our people. Grandparents and aunts. I had two grandmothers and they all came around at the same time. We played. In the country if it was a holiday and the family got together we would play pitch ball and games like that. We had a good time then because most of the time it was a family gathering. Not one family, all families.

What was your favorite pet?
Country people mostly had dogs. We had a dog named Trouble. He would take care of the family and our home. He was crazy about the family, he knew everything about our family. My daddy used to carry him hunting.

What was your favorite toy growing up?
We all played together it was a big family. Whatever toy one had it was for everybody.

What other chores did you do growing up?
We washed clothes for the family and I helped cook and wash and milk the cows. We did all of that. When evening came we had to feed the cows and milk the cows and my mother always had a lot of chickens. We had a house built special for the chickens. All we had to do was throw food in for them.

What is the one thing you want people to remember about you?
I don’t know…I will have to do a lot of thinking about that.

November 21, 2010
*Interview by Albert Elton Garrett III
*Photography by Precious Garrett

Photographed and compiled by the wife of a great-great-grandson of Wister Lee Garrett.

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