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Dublin Hunter was a Landowner

We have documented quite a bit about the Free Man of Color named Dublin Hunter (1785-1850?), from whom Garretts, Mills, and Hunters claim descent. This document supplies another piece of the puzzle: James Hunter — a man with the same man as the former slave owner in...Read More

Elder Interview: Raleigh W. McCoy

Interview by Linda McCoy Kumi During the month of April 2012, I spent the month with my Dad at his home in Sumter South Carolina. I had the privilege of him sharing some of his life history with me. Here is what I learned. When were you born? I was born October 1,...Read More

The Many Faces of Slavery: A Book Review

The Many Faces of Slavery. By Alexia Jones Helsley and Patrick McCawley. Published by the South Carolina Department of Archives and History, Columbia, SC; 1999. ISBN 1-88067-52-8, 168 pp. Illustrations, index, photographs. Softcover. Available at varied prices from...Read More

Alice Garrett’s Spicy Rice

Alice Garrett's Spicy Rice 1 1/3 cup Rice1 stick Butter or margarine1 Large onion ((sliced thin))1 can Beef Consommé soup1 can French Onion soup1 BAG Medium-size (41-60) Shrimp (Chicken, Pork, or Beef can be cut up and substituted for Shrimp…or no meat at all)...Read More

Elder Interview: Dr. Lila Garrett Lloyd

What is your oldest childhood memory? I guess walking to high school in Greenville. Walking to Sterling, walking around the corner to my high school. You know previously I’d been riding cause I was in another area. I guess walking to school up to Sterling. I...Read More

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